What former students are saying about Edu-Inter French Programs

Check out what our former students have to say about their experience at Edu-inter in Quebec City!

Adult Testimonials

During my two weeks in the Edu-Inter program, l made many new friends and improved my French greatly. I was nervous about the experience at first, but later open minded to all aspects of the program. I gained lots of independence during my stay in Quebec doing things like taking the bus to and from school, walking around in Vieux Quebec, and spending time speaking French with my host family. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone willing to improve their French over the summer, one just have fun.
Philippa, USA
I had a fabulous experience with Edu-Inter. I took a course in “French for Teachers,” and I was pleasantly surprise by the large amount of individualized attention I received as I perfected my French and learned about Quebec culture. I had the opportunity to speak with various instructors on how to teach various French lessons, and I found the experience invaluable as I teach French today back in the U.S. I very much enjoyed the cultural trips; I explored museums, attended concerts, and absorbed as much of the culture as I could. I even got the opportunity to go whale watching with Edu-Inter! I really enjoyed that I learned a lot in a laid-back and fun atmosphere. I will definitely be going back to Quebec City in the near future! Thank you, Edu-Inter!
Jose Andy, USA
I would recommend the Edu-Inter FSL teacher program to any educator looking for an individualized program. The instructors are always prepared, the materials are well chosen and the extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for meaningful cultural experiences in a vibrant Francophone milieu. I am already planning my next Edu-Inter adventure!
Domenica, Canada
Edu-Inter was a great program for me. I had taken French classes in school but this was the first time I could really focus in speaking the language. While I was only here for two weeks, it was very enjoyable and I would love to come back again to continue improving my French. The classes, activities and school were great, but meeting people from all over the world was definitely my favorite part. I would highly recommend this program!
Melanie Shaw, Canada
I had never taken full immersion classes but now I understand why they are so effective. I have learned more in 2 weeks than I believe I could have in a month of private language classes in the states or a semester of college courses.
Arzell West-Estell, USA
A great program in a beautiful city. Edu Inter has inspired me to continue my French language studies.
Harold Koehler
I though the course was great. I have not studied French in 20 years and Edu-Inter figured out where I belonged. Class was very fun. I brought my daughter and we had a family vacation while improving our French. I would definitely do it again.
Cynthia Van Gilder, USA

Teenage Testimonials

This camp is fantastic and you will learn more French here than you ever could at school. The people are so nice and the staff is very accommodating to your individual needs. This has been the best month of my life!
Laura Jean Strobell, USA
The Edu-Inter program was very fun and a very good experience. I learned quite a bit French and had a great family to stay with.
Nina Barkmann
It was a really good camp as we got to do lots of different sports (as I was un the Multi-Sports programme). The school was also good as we learnt lots of new expressions and culture from Quebec.
Emma García, Espagne