School Services and Student life

Here are our school services and practical information for our future students in Quebec City.


Where to stay while in Quebec ?

Lodging Options

Edu-inter works hard to ensure that our students’ stay is comfortable and contributes to a positive experience.
Our accommodation department helps students find the ideal accommodation and takes care of making reservations and additional arrangements.

Edu-inter offers the following options for accommodation:

  • Homestay with a local family
  • Residence (individual and shared)
  • Furnished Apartments

Prepare for your stay in Quebec

Everything you need before your arrival

What to expect ?

We are well aware that studying abroad represents an exciting and challenging experience and all our staff is pleased to help you getting well prepared for your visit and having a comfortable stay in Quebec City.

When your flight booking is confirmed, we will send you all the information concerning your accommodation, transfer service (if requested) and so on.

In the meantime, we have made for you a practical pre-departure guide with useful information to prepare for your travel and life in Quebec City. Here is the information you will find in it:

About Quebec City

General information – Location – Local Transport – Cost of living – Canadian Currency and Banks – Weather – What to bring/Advices

About Edu-inter

Contact and Directions – First day at School – Medical Insurance – Edu-Inter Host Families

About Cultural Adaptation and Life Style

Upon Arrival – Culture Shock – Communication Styles – Going Back Home

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