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French and Work Course

Learn and use the basics of French through our French and Work program

Basic Information

Starting Dates

Every Monday of the year*


1 to 52 weeks

Total Hours of French

22.5 hours per week

French and work Program for Adults all year round


About Basic French and Work Experience

Are you interested in attaining a high level of fluency in basic French and gaining valuable francophone work experience? The French & Work Experience Program begins with intensive French classes and workshops specifically designed to give you the basic language skills you need to work in a French-speaking environment. In the second part of the program, put these skills into practice through a job placement in Quebec City.

This program is designed for students looking to add French learning and French work experience to their resume.


  • Gain work experience in a francophone environment
  • Attain a high level of basic French fluency
  • Fully integrate into day-to-day life in Quebec City
  • Earn ressources to subsidize your stay in Quebec

Program Features

  • Specific workshops to help you prepare your resume in French, interviews and jobs search
  • Sessions are minimum 12 weeks long
  • 7 levels of basic instruction from beginner to advanced, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Flexible start dates and program duration
  • Our classrooms have between 5 to 15 students
  • Optional activities every afternoon and excursions on weekends
  • Homestay, residence or furnished apartment accommodation options

This program offers students the opportunity to attain near native fluency in the French language, as well as paid work experience. Before starting to work, the student’s French level must be A2.

This program includes 3 hours of private workshops that focus on developing vocabulary for the French-speaking workplace, how to write a resume for French-speaking employers, how to conduct an interview in French and teaches you about the Quebec workplace culture.

You will be able to find an entry level job with one of our partners in the service industry such as restaurants, coffee shops and hotels. The minimum wage is $15.25 per hour.

Daily Schedule (Monday to Friday)

8:30 am – 11:30 am Core French

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Conversation Workshop

Variable schedules — Work Experience


  • Canadian Permanent Residence, Canadian Citizenship, or Working Holiday Visa for international students (visit to learn if you are eligible)
  • Minimum A2 level of proficiency completed prior to beginning the work experience
  • Minimum 18 years of age at the start of the program
  • Foreign students must meet Canadian visa requirements
  • Foreign students must have travel and health insurance for the duration of the program

Start Dates

You can start on any Monday of the year! *

* If a holiday falls on a Monday, the course will start on the Tuesday.

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This was a game-changer for me. The classes were fantastic and I was appropriately placed in the right level. My French definitely improved in my time in Québec. I can tell when I listen to internet radio and watch series on Netflix. The teachers and staff went above and beyond what I had expected. I travel and study abroad a lot and this is a very warm, intellectually stimulating and motivating program. After class activities were planned daily and there is something for everyone. I will definitely return soon!

Philip Laconte - USA

I loved my three week stay in Québec City and studying at the College Merici with Edu-inter adult program this summer! The level they placed me in was perfect for me and the language began to “click” for me. The teacher was absolutely amazing and patient and I was impressed that he used the International Phonetic Alphabet to help with pronunciation. That is extremely helpful to me as a singer.
I was also impressed with how many nationalities were present in my classroom and happy to make friends from all over the world.
The faculty were very friendly and helpful, the host mom was wonderful and made great food 🙂 and I was able to attend the summer music festival in Québec, an opera festival, and found a great swing dance community who danced a couple nights each week. 
I would definitely love to come back!

Maranda Ginop - Canada

Studying French in Quebec with legendary teachers and experiencing the music festival first hand was such a privilege. I enjoyed my summer program and made great friends. I know where I am going next summer to polish my French skills!

Funda P. - Canada

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Location and Facilities

The French & Work Experience program is offered in beautiful Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the only major city in Canada that offers a 100% French-speaking environment. As the cradle of francophone culture in the Americas, Quebec City offers an unparalleled opportunity for French immersion.

The school is centrally located on the Collège Mérici campus in downtown Quebec City, close to major tourist and cultural attractions. On-site facilities include a gymnasium, aerobics room, library, computer labs, an internet cafe, cafeteria, a student lounge and ample green spaces.


Students find their own job

You need to register at least 3 months with us for the Intensive French program. We include 3 hours of private preparation workshops in order to help you in the interview with employers. You will have to contact the employers yourself and find a job by yourself.

Work Experience

Students work on a part-time or full-time basis (between 20-35 hrs / week) therefore being fully immersed in the French language and life in Quebec City. The French & Work experience program allows students to put into practice the French language basic skills they learn in their classes in an entirely francophone environment, to gain valuable work experience in a French-speaking environment and to earn money to subsidize their stay in Quebec.


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