About Edu-inter

About our school

Edu-inter is a French immersion school accredited by Languages Canada and with a 16-year experience in teaching French to local and foreign students.

Open all year round, we offer different French programs for adults and teenagers from all over the world. Over 2000 students from 43 different countries benefit from our wide range of programs each year.

Our French programs are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; consequently they coincide with programs offered by the Alliance Française and prepare students for examinations recognized around the world, such as the DELF, DALF, TEFaQ, TEF, BRIGHT and TCF.

We offer 7 levels of French courses, from complete beginner to advanced, in reduced class settings with an average of 5 to 12 students (9 to 15 during the summer program) in order to facilitate personalized instruction.

To ensure a real and complete French immersion experience, the school combines high quality French courses with cultural activities. Come to learn French at Edu-inter!

Who are we ?


The main mission of Edu-Inter is to offer high-quality French courses by combining beautiful cultural and typical activities. By combining communicative teaching methods with a variety of cultural and fun activities, Edu-inter offers a remarkable and true French immersion experience.


A true French immersion

Quebec, cradle of French civilization in North America and a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the only major city in Canada to offer a 100% French environment, which makes it a place of choice for learn French.

Edu-inter works daily to become a key establishment in the region but also the province of Quebec in francization and teaching French as a second language for international students and business workers.

To achieve this goal, Edu-inter combines a unique geographical positioning and high-quality teaching standardized and recognized by several international bodies.


Edu-inter continually works on two fundamental values: High quality service for its customers, and the professional development of all of its employees.

A happy customer: Our notoriety and our success is essentially due to the positive feedback from our customers. Although the old adage tells us that “the customer is king”, our main objective would be to ensure that expectations are met; if at the source of the offer, the respective expectations are clearly defined, the professionalism and rigor of the entire team will do the rest.

Availability, answers to various questions, and delivery of “the goods” are the three founding pillars of success.

A happy employee: Supporting an open, participatory and simple management style, we promote communication between people, regardless of the position they occupy or their hierarchical level.

Everyone has their place and we strive to fill each position with the ideal profile. In order to standardize practices and facilitate the work of employees, simple procedures are specially designed and implemented.

We are therefore counting on the participation of all employees to share information relevant to the implementation and refinement of these procedures.



True French Immersion

Edu-inter is located in Quebec City, the only major city in Canada that offers a 100% French-speaking environment. It’s the ideal location for learning French and French immersion.

Quality French Program Based on International Standards

Our French programs are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, consequently they coincide with programs offered by the Alliance Française and prepare students for examinations recognized around the world, such as the DELF, DALF, TEFaQ, BRIGHT and TCF.

French-Canadian Culture

Quebec, the cradle of French-Canadian culture, offers an amazing variety of cultural landmarks, museums and events. Our programs take full advantage of the available cultural events to enrich the French immersion experience.


In addition to activities of cultural interest, we pack in tons of fun recreational activities. Who says learning has to be hard?

Location and Facilities

The school is operated year-round in the exceptional facilities of Mérici collegial privé, which includes a fully-equipped gym ($), a library, a cafeteria and a student lounge.

The campus has ample green space for outdoor sports and recreation activities. Mérici collegial privé is located in downtown Quebec City, within walking distance from Old Quebec, which is a UNESCO World Heritage and the site of most events and landmarks of cultural interest.

International Student Body

Edu-inter receives more than 2000 students from 43 different countries every year. During the summer program, 700 teenagers and adults come to study French at our school. Imagine… bringing together 700 people interested in French language and French-Canadian culture!


Many thanks to our valued partners! We are proud to be associated with academic partners and local businesses in order to provide our students with the best options in Quebec city and the Quebec province.

Academic partners


High Schools

  • École Saint-Jean Eudes
  • École Séminaire Saint-François
  • École Jésus-Marie
  • Quebec English School Board
  • Collège Notre Dame de l’Assomption
  • Collège Bourget
  • Collège Saint-François de la Place


Higher Education

  • Cégep Limoilou
  • Collège Décarie
  • Collège Bart
  • Institut Teccart
  • École Hotelière de la Capitale
  • Collège Ellis
  • CFP Lévis
  • Collège TAV
  • CFP des Navigateurs
  • Cégep de la Gaspésie
  • Collège Avalon
  • Collège La Salle

Other Partners

  • Alliance Française Toronto
  • Alliance Française New York
  • Alliance Française Boston
  • Alliance Française Guadalajara
  • Alliance Française Mexico
  • Alliance Française Lima
  • Alliance Française Medellin
  • Alliance Française Manizales
  • Alliance Française Cordoba
  • Alliance Française Madrid

Local partners

  • Tourist attractions
  • Office du tourisme de Québec
  • Multiservice tourist information office
  • Observatoire de la capitale Québec
  • Les visites fantômes de Québec
  • Les Tours du Vieux-Québec
  • Hilton Québec



  • La Grange de l’île Inn & restaurant
  • Domaine Steinbach Cider-house & food tour
  • Le Relais des Pins
  • Sugar shack Bilodeau
  • Verger Cider-house Cassis Monna & Filles
  • Black currant wines & products
  • Chocolats favoris
  • Les aliments M&M



  • Groupe Autobus Auger
  • Imprimerie Siel
  • Jooble
  • Accès Études