French Programs for Teens

Academic Semester High School Programs

Total French Immersion in a Local High School

Basic Information

Starting Dates

August 2024

January 2025


3 to 6 months

Total Hours of French

30 hours per week


About Academic Semester High School Programs

This French Program for teenagers offers a unique opportunity to improve your English level in a French environment by integrating into a secondary school program (grades 7 through 11), while living with a French-Canadian family and participating in cultural activities and excursions.


  • Custodianship
  • Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec application management
  • Airport Transfer (reception and departure)
  • Placement with host family Medical insurance Homestay with 3 meals
  • Academic-social report (2 during the school year)
  • Cultural activities (2 during the school year)
  • Documents for validation of studies in their home country
  • French support classes (6 weeks)

Not included

  • Private school bus (if necessary)
  • Uniforms
  • School material and books
  • Airport transfers during vacations periods: 2-way service
  • Extra-curricular activities (variable)
  • Courier fees for official documents (only if required, depends on destination)


The High School Experience in French program is an effective French Immersion Program that provides participants with a complete immersion experience in French-Canadian culture along with the opportunity to attain a high level of French fluency.

This program has a duration of 4 (End of August to December) or 6 months (August to February or January to June).

Program Features

Host Families

Students live with their host family on a full board basis. Families include their guest in their family activities and share important aspects of their culture. They share day-to-day life, including leisure and outings, and in return they are asked to comply with the family rules. Host families are local French-speaking families, screened and selected to ensure an optimal cultural experience. In addition to screening host families, Edu-inter offers support 24/7, as well as monthly reports to inform parents of their children’s social and academic progress.

École Secondaire

The program is offered in collaboration with a number of high school-level institutions in Quebec City, called École Secondaire. In Quebec, the école secondaire covers grades 7 through 11, situated between elementary school and CEGEP. The CEGEP institutions prepare students to enter university. The institutions participating in this program include private schools and schools with special orientations.

Life in Secondaire

Program participants have an opportunity to live and learn in the most natural (and effective) way possible: through interaction with peers. Participants are integrated into the academic program as well as the school life. They are able to participate in extracurricular classes and sports, and other school events just as the local students.

Daily Schedule (Monday to Friday)

Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 3:30pm


  • Students must be aged between 12 and 17 years during their program.
  • References from the current school are required.
  • Students must have successfully completed the academic program (grade) immediately preceding the grade applied to.
  • Students must have a minimum pre-intermediate French level (A2) when the program begins.

Start Dates

August 2024

January 2025

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Now secular and strongly promoting values of respect, personal development, engagement, creativity and academic success, it allows every year more than 2000 boys and girls to grow to become active and fulfilled citizens.

With a rich variety of extra-curricular activities and special programs, including languages and organized trips abroad, these schools offer both a sense of belonging and an openness which rapidly makes anyone feel at home.

Application Process

  • Registrations will be accepted until June 30th, 2024.
  • Candidates submit the Academic Program application form along with the requested documentation and the application fee.
  • Students who are not Canadian residents may be required apply for a Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec (CAQ), as well as a Canadian student visa.

Ongoing French and Academic Support

Students who begin the academic program are required to participate in French lessons weekday afternoons. Students receive 4 hours/week of French instruction.

The support team has as a priority to help each student to successfully integrate and succeed in the challenging academic program.

Academic support classes can be provided to students who require additional support, at an extra cost.

Activities and Excursion Program

Edu-inter organizes stimulating and memorable activities for visiting students.


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