Cultural Activities and Excursions

All our French immersion programs feature an outstanding activity and excursion program. These activity programs are not an afterthought, but rather a central component of the intensive French immersion, reinforcing both the exploration of Quebec culture and the learning of French language that are central to our mission. Those activities are optional for Adult Programs, and included in the Summer and Winter camps for Teens.

The variety of activities offered suit all tastes, from visits to museums, to sport activities, guided tours and social evenings. Take a look at our Activity Calendar to know what is planned during your stay with us!

Activity Calendar – September to December 2017 for Adult Programs

Activity Calendar – January to March 2018 for Adult Programs

Activity Calendar – April to August 2018 for Adult Programs

Activity Calendar for Summer French Camp for Teens

Activity Calendar for Winter French Camp for Teens

Students can obtain a discount on tuition. Contact us to learn more.

  • Activities and Excursions
  • Activities and Excursions
  • Activities and Excursions