The Learn French and Work program is an effective French immersion program that allows students to achieve a high level of fluency in French, to gain valuable work experience in a French-speaking environment and to earn money to subsidize their stay in Quebec City. The program is divided in two components: the French courses and a work experience.

Please note that the French & Work Experience program is only offered to Canadian citizens and to holders of a Working Holiday Visa.

Do you wish to improve your French and live a rich professional and human experience? Discover our French & Volunteering program.

French Courses

French courses give participants a foundation in French that will allow them to function in a French-speaking work environment. The French courses follow international standards. The program also includes conversation workshops which are designed to develop oral fluency skills.

Edu-inter offers 3 hours workshops to help students for their interview with employers.


Students will be able to find an entry level job in the service industry such as restaurants, coffee shops and hotels. Participants can work part-time or full-time after they finish their courses at Edu-inter. This program is available only for Canadians citizen or students with a working holiday visa.

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This program includes workshops that focus on developing the vocabulary for the French-speaking workplace, how to write a resume for French-speaking employers, how to conduct an interview in French and teaches you about the Quebec workplace culture.

Students oversee finding their own job.


  • Self-placement
  • 3 hours workshops to prepare students to find a job (interview and resume in French etc.)
  • Paid work experience


Before the work portion begins, students need to have completed level A2.

This program is available only for :

  • Canadians
  • Students with a Working Holiday Visa

Do you wish to work in Quebec, but you are neither a Canadian citizen nor a Working Holiday Visa holder? Check out the Mérici Private Collegiate programs. They allow you to study while working 20 hours a week and up to 40 hours a week during holidays.

Cultural Activities

To complement courses and workshops, we offer an outstanding activities and excursions program to which students can subscribe à la carte.

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Teacher and students during class
Start Dates:
Every Monday of the year

minimum 3 months

Monday to Friday
French classes: 8:30 am to 11:30 am
Conversation Workshop : 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm
Total: 22,5 hrs/wk of French courses

  • Gain work experience in a French-speaking environment
  • Attain a high level of French fluency
  • Fully integrate into day-to-day life in Quebec City
  • Earn money to subsidize your stay in Quebec
  • Add multilingual work experience to your CV

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