The Learn French and Volunteering program is a great opportunity to learn and practice French while serving the local community. By combining French classes with a volunteering project and accommodation with a host family, students live a true immersion experience.

French Courses

French courses give participants a foundation in French that will allow them to function in a French-speaking work environment. The French courses follow international standards.


The volunteering projects are varied and offer a fantastic complement for short to medium-term study periods. It is the perfect option for students who are looking for meaningful engagement with the community and for learning and practicing French in an entirely authentic environment.

The objective of the volunteering component is to become involved in a project that will help you develop your linguistic skills.


Before the volunteering portion begins, students need to have completed level A2.

Cultural Activities

To complement courses and workshops, we offer an outstanding activities and excursions program for which students can subscribe à la carte.

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Teacher and students during class
Start Dates:
Every Monday of the year

From 4 to 52 weeks

Monday to Friday
French classes: 8:30 am to 11:30 am
Volunteering: Afternoon (10 to 20 hours per week)
Total: 15 hrs/wk of French courses + 10-20 hours of volunteering weekly

  • Meaningful interaction with the local community
  • Real practice with local people
  • A wide range of options for local volunteering projects
  • Flexible time commitment in the volunteering project
  • Perfect for short to medium duration programs

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