French immersion in Canada: Should you learn French in Quebec City or Montreal?

avril 4, 2024

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French immersion in Canada: Should you learn French in Quebec City or Montreal?

Are you searching for a French immersion program in Canada? Wondering if you should opt for a French language school in Montreal or Quebec City? If you are considering moving to Canada for French immersion there are many reasons you should choose Québec City over Montreal.

Here are our top reasons why.

Québec City offers Total French Immersion

If you are looking for a French immersion program in Montreal with the sole intent of learning French, you may come away disappointed. While Montreal is a beautiful city, it is nevertheless a culturally diverse international metropolis that is greatly influenced by English. Montrealers tend to automatically slip into English if they detect an accent—and many speak in English off the bat.

On the other hand, Québec City is the best place in Canada to learn French. Its citizens are primarily French-speaking; while many do speak English, it is less in their nature to switch to English. They are not being rude, they are simply following an age-old adage: When in Rome Quebec, do as the Romans Quebecers do. Total immersion may be challenging at first; however, in the long run, you will practice French more and learn the language faster. And Québec City natives are warm and friendly; their joie de vivre will put you at ease in an instant!

Furthermore, because most of Quebec City’s population speaks French, there is a bigger pool of homestay options to choose from! Homestays are indeed the ultimate language practice ground to quickly improve your functional skills in French as well as speak more like a native.

Québec City’s long-standing French history and culture

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the cradle of French civilization in North America, Quebec City has over 400 years of French heritage and European charm. It makes it the perfect hot spot for adults who want to learn French.

Deemed a cultural capital of the world, Quebec City is brimming with opportunities to learn about the French way of life and all things French, including art, music, food, literature and so much more. In fact, the city’s cultural scene is so diverse, combining modern day flair with its unique past, that you will always find something to do to enrich your knowledge of French!

Québec City is accessible, safe and affordable

Québec City may be the capital of the province of Quebec, but it tends to be more affordable than Montreal, particularly when it comes to accommodations, dining out and activities. For French immersion students who are not opting for homestays, this can be a great advantage from a budget standpoint.

What’s more: Québec City is very accessible—in every sense of the word. In Old Quebec, tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, museums, etc. are all within walking distance from one another. There is very little time-sapping traffic, which means you can travel to both ends of the city fairly quickly. There is a wide range of public transportation options and the great outdoors, with its unique flora, fauna and four-season sports, is just 20 minutes from the downtown core. This accessibility allows French immersion students to easily explore and efficiently everything the city has to offer.

As one of the safest cities in Canada, many people choose to live in Québec City for its peacefulness and more relaxed vibe. Its quality of life is perfect for adult French immersion students of any age. It’s the dolce vita—Quebec style!

Québec City renowned French language schools

Finally, contrary to French language schools in Montreal, French immersion schools in Quebec City bring together smaller groups, which allow you to have a more individual assistance from the teachers, better communication between the teachers and students, and increase the likelihood of making friends with other students.

French immersion in Canada is undoubtedly a fantastic experience that will be engraved in your memory for a long time to come. When choosing a French language school, Montreal may, at first seem like your only option. But Quebec City is renowned for its French language schools, French atmosphere and fun-filled seasons—assets you cannot get anywhere else. Say Bonjour! to Quebec City and start learning French today!

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