Por qué deberías combinar un voluntariado con un programa de inmersión en francés

mayo 13, 2024

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Why Learn French?

Are you considering participating in a French immersion program, particularly in Québec City, Canada? Why not pair your stay with volunteer work in French? In this article, we’ll explore all the benefits of volunteer work in French-speaking countries and why you should combine it with a French immersion program.

The decision to learn a new language opens doors to not just new dialects but also to new cultures, experiences, and personal growth opportunities.

French is one of the most spoken languages globally: according to the international Organisation of La Francophonie, an organization dedicated to promoting the French language and political, educational, economic and cultural cooperation among the 88 member countries, there are over 320 million French speakers across the globe, making it one of the top 5 most widely used languages

For adults, learning French is not just an academic endeavour but a strategic life investment that opens up numerous opportunities. Proficiency in French can significantly enhance career prospects; it is one of the official languages of many international organizations, including the United Nations, the European Union, and numerous multinational corporations, making it a valuable asset in the global job market.

French is spoken on every continent, and fluency in the language can greatly enrich your travel experiences, from exploring historic sites in Europe to enjoying the vibrant cultures in nations across Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. It also serves as a bridge to learning other Romance languages, such as Spanish and Italian, which are structurally similar.

French immersion classes for adults in North America, specifically Québec City, are the perfect springboards to learning French and soaking up the local French culture. However, did you know that some programs offer classes with French volunteer opportunities? Let’s look into the advantages of taking part in volunteer work in French.

Why Explore Volunteer Work in French

Combining French language learning with volunteer work allows you to truly experience and contribute to French-speaking communities in meaningful ways. It’s a reciprocal relationship where the community benefits from your contributions, and you gain a deeper, more authentic understanding of the French language and culture.

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